Progressive “Smart” Filtration

Providing Crystal Clear, Luminous Water

Maximum Filtration, Minimum Effort

An eco and cost friendly alternative to standard filtration

Arctic Spas’ multi-layered filtration system creates brilliantly clear spa water while drastically prolonging the life of your hot tub and filters. This cutting-edge technology uses five layers of medium of varying thickness to separate out particles ranging from coarse to minuscule. From large pieces of dirt and debris, all the way down to microscopic particles, you can trust that Smart Filtration technology will always provide you with sparkling, luminous water.

This multi-layered design also allows you to change your filters less often. Instead of offering one medium to separate out particles, therefore placing extensive stress on a singular low-grade filter material, Smart Filtration’s five layer design disperses filtration duties to ensure equal wear across mediums. By decreasing the frequency of filter change, you can effectively minimize waste, utilizing a longer lasting and eco-conscious alternative to create clear and crisp spa water. Grant yourself the spa experience you deserve with the incredible longevity and cleaning capabilities of Smart Filtration.

Arctic Spas blue pro-filter
Arctic Spas pink pro-filter
Arctic Spas pro-filter
Arctic Spas pro-filter
Arctic Spas smartfilter